Otto Schnurr

iOS Software Engineer

An App Store for the Birds

I sit on my back porch watching birds hunt and peck for food in my lawn and realize they have a better business plan than I do. They engage in their pursuit with a reasonable expectation of success. They are not stuck. They are not attached to a bad idea with hopes that circumstances will eventually change.

“Wait it out. Refine your plan until it’s smarter. There’s gravy waiting at the other end.”

I watch the birds. They employ none of this advice. At least at the present time, they are much better at getting grub than I am.

FlappyBird screen shot

We can’t even say the iOS App Store is a gold rush because, in all clarity, the App Store was a gold rush. Bookend it however you want. For me, it started with iShoot in 2009 and ended with Sophie abandoning her award winning apps in 2014.

The seduction is hard to resist. A gold rush is less an event than it is a psychological condition. It’s a small set of exemplars that enjoy a high level of extrapolation in your subconscious. The idea of an unusual return on investment can be a difficult one to get out of your head, put down, and walk away from.