Otto Schnurr

iOS Software Engineer

Apple Cleans House

A little over three years ago, Short List got a face lift from iOS 3 to iOS 5. Apple devices these days use iOS 10. In September, Apple announced plans to clean the cruft out of their App Store. Short List found itself in a group of apps designated as “outdated”.

Today, Apple followed through with its plans and removed Short List from sale in their store.

As an iOS customer I understand where this motivation comes from. At last count, Apple had over two million apps in their store. Once they finish this hair cut of old apps, I look forward to seeing what’s left.

A small group of about 200 people remain loyal to Short List and continue to use it every month. I’m not ready to watch it fade away. I also haven’t found an alternative for prioritizing that I could use in its place. A successful update to Short List will need a little persistence, patience, and a lot of careful choices.

I plan to post my progress. Wish me luck and, as always, thanks for your support.